Sunday, February 14, 2010

BLOG assignment ONE: Overview of Topic

The topic of my blog will be on the underrepresentation of people of color in media forums and popular culture. Through media forms such as film, television and visual news and printed news, people of color are under-represented in relation to those of non color. Although it is not new news that there are inequalities among people of color, by focusing on these forms of media I hope to show how there are immense inequalities among people of color and people not of color in ways that may be overlooked. Not only are people of color underrepresented, they are often used to reinforce the damaging stereotypes already placed on them. Furthermore I hope to examine how certain forms of media keep people of color in a submissive role and how in doing so more global inequalities are made.
This topic relates to the themes of the class “Global Inequalities,” because media is a universal influencer. Since media in the United States is focused on constructing ideologies that better first world peoples, it thus affects those who do not live in such a world, almost all of which are people of color.
I want to show how things viewed as “popular” or media can end up hindering something when it’s announced intended purpose was to be “funny” or to educate. I also wish to use my research and interest in further explaining how all of the above topics are constructed, executed and maintained almost exclusively by the privileged group.

Check out this link for an interesting article by John Stossel.

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