Friday, April 9, 2010

Resource Guide

This is a comprehensive list of helpful resources available for anyone interested in learning more about race and how media enforces the notions of racism and hinders the breakdown of the racial binary.

"Mass Media and Racism" by Dr. Stephen Balkaran
Essay on the history and theories of racism and key events that have been influenced by media.

"Taking a Stand Against Racism in the Media" by Carol Tator
A progressive article discussing the fundamental role media has in enforcing racial binaries. Takes an active approach and suggest ways in which un-racial media can be possible.

"Bias in the Media: Racism, Sexism and Homophobia" by Lisa Grace
An article that takes an opinionated look at the different facets of inequality in mass media. Also looks at Sexism and gay issues.

"Missing: Minorities in Media" by Laura S. Washington
An article on the absence of people of color in media. This article points to specific events, both historical and contemporary issues to disclaim the notion of a color-blind society.

Media Portrayals of Ethnic and Visible Minorities: Introduction by Media Awareness Network
An educational essay on the absence of minorities and unrealistic depictions of people of color in media.

"Women/Minorities in Media" by PBS
A PBS network narrative on the overall absence of people of color in media. Specifically notes the absence and inaccuracy of Black women in media.

"Spotlight skips cases of missing minorities" by Mark Memmott, USA TODAY
A USA Today article on the media's selection of "missing person's" cases to broadcast.

"Remove the Barriers to Minorities in Media" by Mark Lloyd
An article discussing the issues on the glorification of the Black male gangster on network television.

"Media images of minorities contribute to cultural problems" by the Daily Collegian Online
An article linking media's imaging of people of color to significant societal problems facing people of color.

"Minorities, Women Underrepresented on Cable News" by Media Matters
Charts available showing the underrepsentation of people of color in News programs as well as women.

"Are minorities really under represented in the media?" by Bob Larner
An article that takes a skeptical look at people of color in media. Links the "unreality" to reality television.

Minority Media and Telecom Council website.

Nation Association of Minority Media Executives website.

"The Portrayal of Racial Minorities on Prime Time Television" by Dana E. Mastro
An article on the lack of people of color in prime time television. Breaks down statistics of such by racial group.

"Lack of Minority Representation in Media" by
An article calling for a change in media.

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